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What does the Tent of Promise Do?

Evangelistic Church Outreach
Church Revival & Equipping
Community Event Outreach
Program Options
Evangelistic Church Outreach

Supporting the Local Church to Reach their Community

When the Tent of Promise comes to your town, we evangelize directly and give evangelistic support to your Church; equipping the Church to step up and step out, and doing the work with you. Our heart's desire is to see the Gospel reach those who are lost and see God's Kingdom continuously growing across the nation of Australia.

We can set up on Church grounds, private grounds or local parks (with permission) in a 15m x 15m space.

Many people find it difficult to share their faith, but it's amazing how God is there to work with us when we do!

There is nothing in the world that is closer to the heart of God than seeing the lost and perishing be given an opportunity to receive eternal salvation. That is, after all, the very reason why Jesus came!
Church Revival & Equipping

Church Revival & Equipping

Invite the Tent of Promise team to your fellowship to share empowered teaching and encouragement for your church to reach the lost in their own community. 

With a lifetime of practical ministry in the church, field and streets, our team come well equipped and full of faith. Whether it be to work in with your events and drive to reach your community or to shake out the cobwebs and get the body moving, the Tent team is ready. 

Our forward team led by David & Kristen will come to your Church ministering the Word of God in power, imparting faith to believe and receive the promises of God and propelling the body into their purposes. Our team also has a strong anointing to ignite the hearts of the Church with a passion to step up and step out of the building to reach the lost. 

We can minister the Bible Panorama to the Church, bringing Revival to this Nation. It is the Church who carry the Holy Spirit so it will be the Church who will see the prophesied carriers of the greatest outpouring of the Holy Spirit in Revival to Australia.

We are on mission to Australia! To be Jesus' weapon against the works of the enemy, His mouthpiece to the Church and His tool in the harvest field of salvation. 

We will share the 

To bring the time of refreshing across Australia by breaking up the unplowed ground and bringing revival to hearts of God's people.

The fire of the Holy Spirit is breaking out across the Great Southland of Australia.

Community Event Outreach

Community Events & Evangelism

Using our 30 meter Bible Panorama from Genesis to Revelation,  it allows our team of ministers to share the gospel personally with people. This is great in community events, Church events and programs such as Gospel music festivals.

The Panorama gives us an intimate way to share God's love, and we have found that the Holy Spirit leads the minister to speak directly into the needs of the individual, with the gifts of the Spirit flowing.

The preaching of the Gospel in conjunction with the panorama has seen tens of thousands of people  give their lives to Christ, right across Australia.

Program Options

Tent of Promise Programs

Programs can vary from a leadership equipping to a Sunday service, a single day program with the Panorama open after the service, through to a several day or even a week outreach. 

A simple program can be setup Thursday with Friday teaching and equipping leaders. Saturday hold a a mens breakfast and/or ladies morning tea with an evening revival session for the Church. Sunday morning we can join the Church service and make the day an outreach event for the Church to bring along their friends, family, neighbours who don't know the Lord. After Church we light up the BBQ for snags, the worship team minister along with our puppets for families, and our team of ministers share the Gospel with all and any as they come through the Bible Panorama. Many salvations have take place, the gifts of the Spirit flow and prayers are answered in such ministry.

Talk with our team today and let's see how we can work together to fire up the church and practically reach out into your community together with the Spirit of God.