Racism & Christianity

29.08.22 01:55 PM By The Tent of Promise

Eight decades ago in my Sunday School days we used to sings a little song that really helped me grow up to love and enjoy all races of people.

Now after 60 years of ministry in at least 27 nations and that includes the Pitjantjatjara tribes of Central Australia and the tribes of Western Australia, I wake up of a morning and answer the protest news of the day singing that little song I learnt so long ago.
Jesus loves the little children,
All the children of the world,
red and yellow black and white,
all are precious in His sight,
Jesus loves the little little children of the world.
​It sure helped me even when I didn’t understand the pain and struggle of so many of my precious brothers & sisters which had been the case during their whole life’s existence.

​I became emotionally aware of their pain as a young Christian minister in 1969 listening to the children of Roebourne W A sing - 

“Across the Bridge there’s no more sorrow, across the Bridge there’s no more pain,
the Sun will shine across the river and I’ll never be unhappy again.”

Only the Great LOVE of GOD freely given to us all by JESUS CHRIST on the Cross OF CALVARY so long ago where HE bore all humankind’s BIGOTRY, HATE and UNFORGIVENESS can forever deliver a divided hurting world’s TRUE HEALING!

In His Grip,
​Bishop Harry Westcott